TouchTop is a full multi-touch environment where you can manage digital files and documents using intuitive gestures and natural manipulation.

Re-think the way common activities are fulfilled in your Enterprise.


Unleash the power of multi-touch hardware

There are many devices capable of multi-touch input, with major players releasing new technologies every quarter, but hardly no software suite that can take advantage of this power.

With TouchTop you will witness the smoothest multi-touch experience, Natural Interfaces are our long-term design and research mission.

It doesn’t matter if your device is a 24″ all-in-one PC or a 60″ full multi-touch screen, TouchTop hardware accelerated engine will make the most of it.

Natural Interface

A true “natural interface” drives the whole TouchTop design. Direct manipulation of contents, intuitive zooming and rotation also using the full hand. You will find very little interface elements which distract your attention, they all fade away nicely to allow you to focus on content and workflow.

Multi-space ZUI

TouchTop is designed to be a full implementation of a Zooming User Interface. High resolution monitors are important, but never enough to cope with high-resolution information objects. ZUIs are a perfect solution to overcome the space limitations of screens, allowing you to reach every content with a single zoom gesture. They are flexible enough to adapt to different interaction styles, definitely the way to go with multi-touch interfaces. 

Hardware Acceleration

TouchTop is built on a high-performance, hardware accelerated 3D engine using Microsoft DirectX technology, optimized for NVidia and ATI Radeon graphics cards. This means you will be able to interact with media and documents at full speed, while consuming very little CPU power. DirectX 9 is the reference implementation (same as Windows 7), to ensure TouchTop will run nicely on every hardware.


From stunning presentations to document management.

Wether in company meetings, training events or briefing rooms, presentations and information sharing are major topics in the Enterprise.

With TouchTop you will be able to deliver rich interactive presentation of data and ideas thanks to some unique features.

Import images, PDFs and Office® documents

Seamlessly import any format to the TouchTop canvas space. A large number of image formats is supported: BMP, JPG, PNG ,TIF, TGA, DDS. Digital documents like Adobe PDFs or Microsoft Office® Word, Excel, Powerpoint, RTFs are handled natively, and other formats can be added using custom converters.  TouchTop filesystem folders are synchronized with the active canvas view, so you can edit files with the associated application and have it refreshed and converted on-the-fly.

Play any video and codec

TouchTop media architecture is based on DirectShow® technology, so any codec can be reproduced as a Video content with seek capabilities. Also streaming and live video codecs are supported.

Sketching and annotations

Sketching is a core TouchTop feature. Any content can be annotated with Pen, Stencil and Notes tools on a transparent layer, also on multi-page documents. Sketches are retained across sessions, and are automatically saved so that, after the meeting, you can email them to colleagues.

Play to projector

TouchTop incorporates a software screen cropping and scaling engine that is able to reproduce a portion of the main screen to another monitor. Any resolution on the second monitor is supported, so you can crop a 4:3 region on the 16:9 full-hd main screen and play it to an XGA projector on the second video out. Hardware acceleration ensures performance is retained, and on video out all the interface is not shown, only the content.

Auto Storyboard

Create simple yet powerful animations in seconds using the AutoStoryboard feature. Organize contents at any zoom level and record the position. Pressing a button every object will be animated to return back to the saved position. No limits to the number of saved position, to give you full control over presentations.


Even more advanced features

TouchTop can be used also as an aggregator of different streaming sources, opening a lot of different scenarios:

Broadcasting Playout system

Stream live video feeds coming from different sources (DV, SDI, network), so conductors can orchestrate the playout in broadcasting shows.

Grabbing remote screens

Thanks to a tight integration with industry standard frame-grabbers, you can control remote equipment and use live screens side-by-side with digital documents. With the AutoStoryBoard feature you can also create different dashboards.


Open for Extensions

Thanks to its API developers can create customized interfaces and experiences on top of TouchTop media management canvas.

“TouchTop is a broadcast quality,

multi-touch media environment.

Create stunning presentations.

Manage your digital workflow.

Natural Interface.



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