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TABULA FaçadeSignage is the most quick and easy to use Projection Mapping application for the Microsoft Windows platform.
Using a standard projector and pointing it at a physical structure you can interactively adapt videos or images to any surface you want. This way you can “dress” any object with digital light, and transform it to a stunning, special, flexible communication medium.
With FaçadeSignage you can escape traditional digital signage solution and create experiences that will make an impact on your customer’s attention.

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TouchMyBrand is a simple and powerful solution to create interactive surfaces on walls, floors, tables and architectural structures.
Use digital projection on any surface, point the camera and calibrate the software: you are ready to go.
The projected images immediately become interactive, reacting to users movements and gestures.
TouchMyBrand engine can track multiple people simultaneously, generating a movement “grid” that is transformed into vibrant visual effects.

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TouchTop is a full multi-touch environment where you can manage digital files and documents using intuitive gestures and natural manipulation.
Re-think the way common activities are fulfilled in your Enterprise with TouchTop, you will experience the smoothest multi-touch environment, Natural Interfaces are our long-term design and research mission.
It doesn’t matter if your device is a 24″ all-in-one PC or a 60″ full multi-touch screen, TouchTop hardware accelerated engine will make the most of it.

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